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A good job done by AAHVDA !

The DEFI'chutes brought together nearly 50 people, both impared and healthy, young and old, on October 20, 2018 in Colmar.

Falling and standing up, surpassing oneself, and going beyond the limits ... of the disease: the everyday life of patients who live with rare genetic disorders. The # DEFI'chutes is also a message of support to all those who fight on a daily basis!

The DEFI'chutes allowed to donate 1720 € to the AFM-Telethon, including 1000 € thanks to the sponsored falls!

Congratulations to all the volunteers who took part in this great adventure, and thank you for taking part!

We thank the sponsors of the falls: EDF-CNPE Fessenheim, Credit Mutuel Bartholdi, MAIF and the Departmental Council.

We thank the partners who helped organize the action: AEP Sainte-Marie and its section Aikido, Pictural, Amore of Pizza Colmar, Orthopedics Welter, Top Music Alsace and Traiteur Geismar.

and also the partners of the 100% winning raffle: EDF Foundation, Konjaku.fr, Fnac Colmar, Au Vieux Pignon Colmar, Le Hameau, Jacques Bockel chocolate, Fortwenger Colmar, Oliviers & co

We salute the presence of Mrs. Brigitte Klinkert, President of the Departmental Council, Mr. Marc Simon-Jean, Director of the Fessenheim NPP, Mrs. Martine Dietrich, Departmental Advisor and Mr. Yves Hemedinger, 1st Deputy Mayor and Departmental Advisor, the renowned Pralympic Champion of swimming, Beatrice Hess, and our wonderful Godmother: Célia Mathieu, 2nd Dauphine Miss Pays d'Alsace.

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